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    Affordable Housing

    Growing up, I saw first-hand the daily struggle to make ends meet.  The generosity of strangers, family, and friends was often the only thing that stood between us and homelessness and hunger.
    As a first-generation college graduate I strive every day to break the chains of generational poverty and to build a better life for my children.
    I did not reach this point by myself however.  Friends, family, and yes, governmental services helped me to where I am today. After becoming a single father during law school, I could not have reached where am today without services such as SNAP, Medicaid, utility services, and federal student loans.
    City Council is leading on this issue with bold innovative thinking.  We can not however, just as we are making real progress, afford to go backwards.  Now is the time to continue the bold approaches and continue to build Broomfield for every person, especially our most vulnerable residents.
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  • Back to Business

    Our community faces unprecedented times.  The COVID pandemic has left all of our community members reeling, families and businesses alike.  This City Council has demonstrated defining leadership in the face of impossible odds.  Programs such as the Back to Business certification has enabled our vital small business to reopen while working to keep or community members and essential workers as safe as is possible given the unique circumstances. 

    Our small business are suffering.  They struggle each day with diminished revenues while selflessly trying to keep their staff employed and our community served.  Unfortunately, far too many will not survive.  In an ideal world, the federal government would have stepped in and provided much more robust and ongoing COVID relief to our communities.  Absent that leadership previously, this City Council has done an admirable job getting our community back to business.  

    I know first hand the difficulty of running a small business.  In 2001, I was a 23 year old small business owner during the economic aftermath of 9/11.  Through that business failure and subsequent bankruptcy, I learned a hard lesson on the difficulties faced by small businesses when events spiral out of your control. 

    I am committed to working collaboratively with our community, to first and foremost, keep our community safe, but to get our businesses back up and running as quickly as is responsible and safe. 

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  • Broomfield Town Square

    Broomfield is at the crux of an amazing opportunity.  This project has languished for years and the time is right to begin Building Broomfield for the Next Generation.  Broomfield lacks the "IT" factor that it needs to take it into the next generation.  This project gives us the opportunity to design and develop a town square that we can all be proud of!  The project is finally getting off the ground.  Planning is being done and progress is being made.  This City Council understand that our community leadership is needed to bring this project to fruition.  We cannot afford to go backwards, now It is time to continue the bold, innovative leadership that this Council has provided for all of Broomfield.

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  • Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas development is a crucial issue that the city is facing.  Residential fracking developments, within such a short distance from homes, schools, and water, pose a significant threat to the health, safety, and quality of life of Broomfield residents.

    City Council does have significant tools in protecting the interests of the people of Broomfield thanks to the leadership of our elected representatives such as Matt Gray and the CO State Legislature. 

    This City Council has shown leadership in protecting the health and safety of our residents.  2000 foot setbacks, comprehensive air monitoring programs, and protection of our vital open spaces, are just a few of the many areas where they have worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of our community.  Now is the time to continue to move forward, not to return to the outdated status quo which cowered and acquiesced to whatever the oil companies demanded.

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