Affordable Housing

Growing up, I saw first-hand the daily struggle to make ends meet.  The generosity of strangers, family, and friends was often the only thing that stood between us and homelessness and hunger.
As a first-generation college graduate I strive every day to break the chains of generational poverty and to build a better life for my children.
I did not reach this point by myself however.  Friends, family, and yes, governmental services helped me to where I am today. After becoming a single father during law school, I could not have reached where am today without services such as SNAP, Medicaid, utility services, and federal student loans.
City Council is leading on this issue with bold innovative thinking.  We can not however, just as we are making real progress, afford to go backwards.  Now is the time to continue the bold approaches and continue to build Broomfield for every person, especially our most vulnerable residents.

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