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Our community faces unprecedented times.  The COVID pandemic has left all of our community members reeling, families and businesses alike.  This City Council has demonstrated defining leadership in the face of impossible odds.  Programs such as the Back to Business certification has enabled our vital small business to reopen while working to keep or community members and essential workers as safe as is possible given the unique circumstances. 

Our small business are suffering.  They struggle each day with diminished revenues while selflessly trying to keep their staff employed and our community served.  Unfortunately, far too many will not survive.  In an ideal world, the federal government would have stepped in and provided much more robust and ongoing COVID relief to our communities.  Absent that leadership previously, this City Council has done an admirable job getting our community back to business.  

I know first hand the difficulty of running a small business.  In 2001, I was a 23 year old small business owner during the economic aftermath of 9/11.  Through that business failure and subsequent bankruptcy, I learned a hard lesson on the difficulties faced by small businesses when events spiral out of your control. 

I am committed to working collaboratively with our community, to first and foremost, keep our community safe, but to get our businesses back up and running as quickly as is responsible and safe. 

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