Broomfield Town Square

Broomfield is at the crux of an amazing opportunity.  This project has languished for years and the time is right to begin Building Broomfield for the Next Generation.  Broomfield lacks the "IT" factor that it needs to take it into the next generation.  This project gives us the opportunity to design and develop a town square that we can all be proud of!  The project is finally getting off the ground.  Planning is being done and progress is being made.  This City Council understand that our community leadership is needed to bring this project to fruition.  We cannot afford to go backwards, now It is time to continue the bold, innovative leadership that this Council has provided for all of Broomfield.

Broomfield is an amazing place to live, but for too long we have lacked local, community based retail and dining.  This project, if done right, will provide that place where we can all call home.  This project is off on the right foot, but needs a community vision to be successfully completed. 

Broomfield Town Square must be community-based, with locally owned shops and restaurants.  If we end up with corporate, chain store then we have done something wrong.  To achieve this goal we need continued leadership on Council who shares this vision and does not force corporate interests above the interests of the community.  There is a place for the free market, but unfettered free market has given us empty strip malls and corporate chain stores.  We need continued Council leadership to ensure that it remains the community's vision for Broomfield!

If elected, I pledge to work with the developers to ensure the people's vision of Broomfield takes precedence!

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