Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas development is a crucial issue that the city is facing.  Residential fracking developments, within such a short distance from homes, schools, and water, pose a significant threat to the health, safety, and quality of life of Broomfield residents.

City Council does have significant tools in protecting the interests of the people of Broomfield thanks to the leadership of our elected representatives such as Matt Gray and the CO State Legislature. 

This City Council has shown leadership in protecting the health and safety of our residents.  2000 foot setbacks, comprehensive air monitoring programs, and protection of our vital open spaces, are just a few of the many areas where they have worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of our community.  Now is the time to continue to move forward, not to return to the outdated status quo which cowered and acquiesced to whatever the oil companies demanded.

The next challenge to clean up the mess that companies have left in our community. The current industrial drilling projects that previously leadership forced through, must not be allowed to continue to endanger the health and safety of our children.  ALL industrial facilities MUST adhere to the strictest of standards or the must not be allowed to operate within out boundaries.

We have 2000 setbacks for new drilling from existing homes, schools, etc.  But there is very little setback requirements from an existing, capped well, for new development.  This makes absolutely no sense.  As we have seen, capped wells are not guaranteed to be safe.  City Council must DEMAND that stakeholders do more to make ALL of our community safe, including better securing abandoned industrial sites such as capped wells.  Until that is accomplished, development must be limited near these hazardous sites that put out home, families, and children in danger.

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